April 24, 2010

The Schneiders in April

Yup, we are still alive...barely! Nathan is coming to a close on his 6th semester at The Master's Seminary. It has been a long and challenging one, and we are looking forward to a break!

Since our last update we have had many changes, including our home! Mid-March we made the move from Granada Hills to Canyon Country (20 minutes north)  because the Lord provided a wonderful place for us to live. As many of you know, we had been struggling with what to do after we made the challenging decision for Natasha to leave her job. After a few months, it was looking like she needed to find some source of income, but then the Lord provided an amazing opportunity for us.

In exchange for nanny help, we would receive free rent, utilities, internet and a plethora of other blessings we soon would realize! Unfortunately this blessing came with a sad reality, the family had recently lost their mom to cervical cancer after battling it for nearly 3 years. My heart aches for this family, yet rejoices at the reality of where their mother is! She is with the Lord with no more sin, pain or suffering!

We are so thankful that we can be a part of this sweet family's life and we strive to be a blessing as we are so well taken care of. The dad leaves early for work, so I walk the ten feet over to their house around 5:15am and normally go back to sleep until 7am when I wake the children for school and help them get ready. They do have a full-time nanny that comes in during the week to help with housework, meals, ect, but they needed someone for the early mornings and the occasional weekends that the dad is called in for work.

All in all, we are still amazed at the perfection of this situation. We are so thankful that the Lord heard our prayers and gave us an answer better than we could have imagined! Not only are we thankful that the Lord fulfilled our needs, but we really are thankful to have been put in the position that we needed Him to move so desperately! We would not trade these trials for anything because seeing the Lord work like this has been so rewarding.

Thank you for your prayers and your support! We will soon be updating you on some interesting traveling adventures we have on the horizon!