January 12, 2010

Highlights of 2009

2009~We enjoyed our first Christmas-New Years-Traveling-Home break, Nathan survived a second semester of seminary married (makes some things easier, and some things harder...), we explored some hot spots of California, managed to go from a one bedroom apartment to a studio apartment (and like it), Natasha went from Starbucks to a full-time nanny/housekeeping job, we went camping in Virginia Lakes (a place of which Nathan has fond childhood memories), bought our first car together, enjoyed Nathan's mom, sister and niece on a mini-vacation, celebrated Thanksgiving with my sister and some of our L.A. friends, and were blessed yet again with the chance to return to Alaska for Christmas break.

Nathan and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! We are so thankful the Lord blessed us
with one another. We really love being married and are thankful for a great first year.

In order to save some money, we moved into a studio apartment in our same complex. It challenged us to go through our worldly possessions and decide what was really necessary in order to make everything fit. Ironically, we love this apartment and it is a home we will think fondly of in years to come. 

In March Nathan had his spring break and we decided it was time to get our of this crazy city! On a shoe-string budget we went to Monterey to see the sea aquarium and down to discover Santa Barbara. We know consider it a special place that we try go to as often as we can. We had a great time wandering around new cities, trying some new food and seeing some more of God's creation.

Beautiful coastline of Monterey.

Two dorks enjoying Honey! I Shrunk the Audience! at Disneyland.

Disneyland was offering free tickets on your birthday, so in May we were able to celebrate Nate's b-day at Disney! We may be getting older, but that place is still magical! Nathan was a good sport and went in the tea cups with me. :-)

Nathan's mom, sister and niece (well, two of them, but Miriam wasn't born until December) came to visit us for a wonderful week in August. I can't begin to explain how great it was to see them! It had been 8 months and I was quite homesick! We showed them around L.A., had a lot of great food and were given another excuse to go up to Santa Barbara. It was like a slumber party every night with all of us sleeping in our studio apartment. I am so bless to have a second family that I really, really like!

And, potentially more photos to come...

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